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Fixed Bridges replace missing teeth. They are usually made of gold or where appearance is important, porcelain –faced gold.

Are Fixed Bridges Necessary?

Often many people who lose a back tooth inclined to do nothing to replace it. Unfortunately losing a tooth can a start a vicious cycle of destruction.

In a normal, healthy mouth, your teeth have a natural balance. Each upper tooth contacts the corresponding lower tooth, allowing a well balance-chewing function. Losing a tooth quickly destroy this balance.

A functional mouth has 28 teeth (14 upper and 14 lower). They work as a team. Each tooth has three or four companion teeth: The neighboring teeth, and one or two biting partners in the opposite arch. These companion teeth provide support and stability.

Drifting, shifting, periodontal disease, and abnormal decay areas are some of the problems that can occur when your teeth loose the support of the companion. Statistics suggest that this neighbor tooth will be lost next. Then, the next closet neighbor tooth will be subjected to the same conditions. With each lost tooth, the problems are magnified. The Cycles continues.

What will a fixed Bridge do?

Fixed bridges will accomplish the following:


If you lose a tooth, you can avoid unwanted problems and save remaining teeth by obtaining fixed bridges. The best time to so is immediately after the tooth is lost.